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On Self-ESteem

Before I get started, this post needs a disclaimer: the following may make no sense. Chalk it up to pregnancy brain, the white noise machine in my head that has shrunk my mental capacity down to thoughts of “I’m hungry” and “I’m tired” and…yep, that’s about it. I’ve tried my best to not just write […]

On Dejection and Solitude

“The soul’s health is achieved not by a man’s separating himself from his fellows, but by his living the ascetic life in the company of holy men.  When we abandon our brothers for some apparently good reason, we do not eradicate the motives for dejection but merely exchange them, since the sickness which lies hidden […]

Fighting My Way through a Dungeon

As I read through Cassian’s writing on the Eight Vices I felt like I was fighting my way through a dungeon (I will somewhat timidly admit here that I kind of love Dungeons and Dragons). The Dungeon Master has set up an epic level dungeon and here we see players battling the evil minions of […]

On Anger

“If, therefore, you desire to attain perfection and rightly to pursue the spiritual way, you should make yourself a stranger to all sinful anger and wrath.” –St. John Cassian, On the Eight Vices¸(On Anger, p. 83)              Anger is not a word I would typically use to describe myself or my main vice. I’m generally […]