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“While the diabolical tree of bitterness, anger and wrath has its roots kept moist by the foul water of pride, it blossoms and thrives and produces quantities of rotten fruit.” –Mark the Ascetic, Letter to Nicolas (p. 154) “Keep the humility of the Lord in your heart and never forget it.” –Mark the Ascetic, Letter […]

Showered with Blessings

I think Nicolas would fit right in at the House of St. Michael. Like Nicolas, we hunger for communion with our Lord, and we question how to go about that, what path to walk to draw us closer to God and to help us overcome the passions. Like Nicolas, we turn to the fathers for […]

St. Mark the Monk on Stillness

In our recently finished reading of St. Mark the Ascetic’s No Righteousness by Works, I have been recalling his words on the virtue of stillness over the recent weeks. Mark boldly says, “Stillness helps us by making evil inoperative.” What a thought, evil inoperative! He states the relation to stillness is deeply wedded to four […]