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All of Life Charged with Giving Glory to God

Forget not all His benefits (Ps. 103.2).  “Then your heart will readily be moved to the fear and love of God, so that you repay Him…by dedicating your whole self to God.”  -From the Letter to Nicholas the Solitary One criticism that has often been leveled at the church fathers (at least in my seminary […]

The senseless passion of anger

Now let us say something about the senseless passion of anger, which ravages, confuses and darkens every soul and, when it is active, makes those in whom it is easily and quickly aroused behave like beasts.  This passion is strengthened particularly by pride, and so as long as it is so strengthened it cannot be […]

To Scorn All Vanities

“For if with God’s help we make progress daily by means of our watchfulness, we should not behave indiscriminately and damage ourselves through a host of random meetings and conversations.  On the contrary, we should scorn all vanities for the sake of the beauty and blessings of holiness.” – St. Hesychios the Priest, On Watchfulness […]