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It’s Like Riding A Horse

Reading St. John of Karpathos has been a source of great encouragement.  This ought to come as no surprise since the preface revealed that John wrote “Texts for the Monks in India” precisely to encourage young monks being tempted to abandon the monastic life.  This reading comes, I think, at a wonderful time for us […]

Seeking Scorn

“In their hatred of our souls, the demons sometimes prompt others to pay us empty compliments, and thus cause us to grow slack because we are praised. If as a result we give way to conceit and self-esteem, our enemies have no difficulty in taking us prisoner.” St. John of Karpathos, Texts for the Monks […]

Urban Monk?

It has almost been two years since I have begun my pilgrimage with the monks and Fathers of the Faith. In this time, it has been my observation that most of them have found the power of Christ through the use of “spiritual tools” such as fasting, prayer, vigils, etc…which are part of the ascetic […]