Being an Ascetic in the City

Being an Ascetic in the City “There were…a few who had the strength to rise above the turmoil of the world and to flee from the agitation of cities. Having escaped this turbulence, they embraced the monastic life and reproduced in themselves the pattern of apostolic virtue.” “They ignored the world, being above human passions.” […]

The Case for Abbots

“We who live in coenobitic monasteries should of our own free choice gladly cut off our whole will through obedience to the abbot.  In this way, with God’s help, we shall become to some degree tractable and free from self-will.  It is good to acquire this art, for then…we shall not excite our incensive power […]

The Horse of Self-Esteem

“Of the unclean demons, some tempt man in so far as he is a man, while others disturb him in so far as he is a non-rational animal. The first…suggest to us notions of self-esteem, pride, envy or censoriousness…whereas the second…arouse incensive power and desire in a manner contrary to nature.” -Evagrios the Solitary, “On […]