St. Mark the Monk on Stillness

In our recently finished reading of St. Mark the Ascetic’s No Righteousness by Works, I have been recalling his words on the virtue of stillness over the recent weeks. Mark boldly says, “Stillness helps us by making evil inoperative.” What a thought, evil inoperative! He states the relation to stillness is deeply wedded to four […]

My Dec. 2010 post in 2011

31. The intellect cannot be still unless the body is still also; and the wall between them cannot be demolished without stillness & prayer. 35. Prayer is called a virtue, but in reality it is the mother of the virtues: for it gives birth to them through union with Christ. 97. Undistracted prayer is a […]

Online payment link for Devotional Conference.

All, The link below is to a PayPal page where you can pay for the Devotional Conference. If you pay for more than one person in one payment, please specify the names in the ‘note to seller’ option. Remember, the cost is $20 thru 2010 and goes up to $30 on 1/1/2011.  Should you wish […]

On Self-ESteem

Before I get started, this post needs a disclaimer: the following may make no sense. Chalk it up to pregnancy brain, the white noise machine in my head that has shrunk my mental capacity down to thoughts of “I’m hungry” and “I’m tired” and…yep, that’s about it. I’ve tried my best to not just write […]

On Dejection and Solitude

“The soul’s health is achieved not by a man’s separating himself from his fellows, but by his living the ascetic life in the company of holy men.  When we abandon our brothers for some apparently good reason, we do not eradicate the motives for dejection but merely exchange them, since the sickness which lies hidden […]