House of St Michael the Archangel:
Hymns by Shea Cole

01 Breastplate
02 King of Glory [Psalm 24] chords
03 Come Bless the Lord [Psalm 134] chords
04 Your Decrees [Psalm 119:24] chords
05 Revelation 7 chords
06 Holy, Holy, Holy [Revelation 4] chords
07 Annunciation [Luke 1] chords
08 Jesus Prayer chords
09 At The Name [Philippians 2] chords
10 Holy, Holy, Holy (Jesus) chords
11 I Wait for the Lord [Psalm 130] chords
12 Let My Cry [Psalm 119:169-172] chords
13 Breathe In, Breathe Out chords
14 King of Glory chords /
I Lift My Eyes to the Hills [Psalm 121] 
15 Breastplate (reprise) chords

This CD is arranged to guide the listener in prayer. There is repetition to help one enter and depart from prayer, and a minute of silence in the middle of the Jesus Prayer. Lasting nine minutes, the Jesus Prayer can also be used alone for shorter times of devotion.

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